Population genetics of sparrows and salamanders – Laboratory Technician

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
University of California, Berkeley
2002 – 2005

Ensatina eschscholtzii. Photo by Juan Parra.
  • Conducted genetic analysis of over 3000 samples with minimal to no supervision.
  • Extracted DNA from tissue samples (extraction kits, phenol-chloroform, high-salt protocols)
  • Amplified nuclear and mitochondrial DNA via PCR (optimization, troubleshooting)
  • Performed (Sanger) cycle sequencing reactions, edited and analyzed sequence data (Sequencher, PAUP, MacClade, GeneScan).
  • Operated and maintained automated DNA sequencers (ABI 377, ABI 3730).

Data collection contributed to studies on geographic variation and secondary contact in the Sage Sparrow complex and hybridization in the Ensatina salamander ring species complex.