Career Fellow

Yale University
New Haven, CT

  • Planned and led an introductory workshop for Yale graduate students entering the job market to create personal websites.
  • Planned and co-taught a series of six workshops designed to help students narrow down career options, from self-assessment, to networking, to preparing application materials. See participant evaluations here.
  • Created an online collaborative tool using Google spreadsheets that automagically compiles content from multiple contributors into an HTML-formatted email newsletter. This tool increased our office’s efficiency such that three other graduate student offices subsequently hired me to create similar tools for compiling their email newsletters.

Teaching Fellow

Yale University
New Haven, CT
2008 – 2011

Acted as teaching assistant and lead lab sections for courses:

  • Ornithology,
  • Biology of Infectious Agents,
  • Geographic Information Systems,
  • Ecology and Epidemiology of Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases.

The latter three are targeted at students earning the Masters of Public Health degree.

  • Contributed to development of lab and field exercises, in some cases based on my own original research, for Geographic Information Systems and Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases.
  • Evaluated and graded student assignments.
  • Created and administered quizzes for practical section of Ornithology in which students identified museum specimens to species, using the Peabody collection.
  • Assisted students with individual research projects, including project design, statistical and spatial analyses, and creating final reports.

Teaching for Ornithology involved a trip to Ecuador, during which we spotted and identified over 500 bird species in two weeks. Video of parrots at a clay lick along the Rio Napo in the Amazon: … is coming soon.

Field Biology Undergraduate Student Instructor

Department of Integrative Biology
University of California, Berkeley

  • Assisted graduate student instructors in teaching a field-methods lab section as part of a general ecology course.
  • Guided and assisted 30 students in designing, conducting, analyzing, and presenting results on their ecology-focused group field research projects.
  • Assisted in standardizing and refining data collection methods.
  • Applied basic statistical analyses to collected data.