Curriculum Vitae


Languages: Conversational Spanish and Mandarin Chinese


  • National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, 2011
  • National Merit Scholar, 2001-2005
Projects/Positions Held

Analyze livestock shipment patterns at the national scale in the US. Analyze population genetics of bovine tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis) to evaluate potential reservoirs of infection. Model a hypothetical outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the context of cattle shipment networks in C++. See more

Planned and led workshops for Yale graduate students in career planning and personal website construction. Designed Google spreadsheet tool for student offices to efficiently create HTML e-newsletters. See more

Designed and conducted a theoretical study that quantified the effects of pathogen-host specificity, and aggregation of the transmitting vector. See more

Created an SIR model based on ordinary differential equations to simulate the effects of vaccinating wild mice as a control measure against human risk for Lyme disease. See more

Modified high-throughput molecular method (T-RFLP) to identify genotypes of Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria in mouse and tick samples. Trained assistants in performing DNA extraction and PCR of collected tick and mouse tissue samples. See more

Trapped small mammals and mist-netted birds, examined and collected ectoparasites. Planned study design and logistics; planned travel and acquired necessary tools and equipment within limited budget. Hired, trained, and supervised a team of five field and laboratory technicians. Designed database (Microsoft Access) and wrote R program code for data analysis. See more

Contributed to development of lab and field exercises, in some cases based on original research. Evaluated and graded student assignments. Created and administered quizzes. Assisted students with individual research projects, including project design, statistical and spatial analyses, and creating final reports. See more

Kept nomenclature and taxonomy up-to-date with current literature, managed loans, packaged and shipped fragile and hazardous materials, entered data, drew biological illustrations for a new lizard species description. See more

Manufactured and tested microfluidic cell culture devices. Designed and implemented a relational database (Microsoft Access), tracking products and quality control from raw materials to fabrication, packaging, and shipping, as well as customer and order information. See more

Trapped, handled, identified, and assessed reproductive condition of small mammals. Identified parasitic ticks and life stages. Collected ticks by drag cloth. Dissected ticks and prepared slides for fluorescent antibody analysis by microscopy. See more

For a long-term study on the effects of wolf reintroduction into the Park on canid social interactions: Used radio telemetry equipment to locate radiocollared individuals. Trapped foxes, took standard measurements, collected hair and blood samples, fitted with radiocollars. Completed a basic avalanche safety course. See more

Assisted in maintaining and adding to collection of over 182,000 bird specimens, including study skins, skeletal and fluid specimens, and frozen tissue samples. See more

Backpacked into historically sampled sites in Yosemite National Park to survey small mammal, reptile, and amphibian populations. Prepared study skin specimens for museum collection. Data collection contributed to manuscript "Impact of a century of climate change on small-mammal communities in Yosemite National Park, USA", published in Science, 2008. See more

Designed and conducted an independent field research project, “Geometrid moth systematics and retention of the tympanal organ in the absence of bat predation.” Collected, identified, dissected, measured, and preserved moths. Generated phylogeny and mapped sizes of the tympanal organ to see if moths endemic to these islands showed evidence of tympanal degradation. See more

Designed and conducted an independent field research project, “Cospeciation of parasitic streblid batflies and their microchiropteran hosts.” Mist-netted, identified, marked, and removed ectoparasites from bats. Collected, preserved, and identified batflies. Generated and compared phylogenies of batflies and bat hosts. See more

Assisted graduate student instructors in teaching a field-methods lab section as part of a general ecology course. Guided and assisted 30 students in designing, conducting, analyzing, and presenting results on their ecology-focused group field research projects. See more

Extracted DNA from tissue samples (extraction kits, phenol-chloroform, high-salt protocols). Amplified nuclear and mitochondrial DNA via PCR (optimization, troubleshooting). Performed Sanger sequencing reactions, edited and analyzed sequence data (Sequencher, PAUP, MacClade, GeneScan). See more

Greeted and assisted faculty, students, and visiting researchers. Operated telephone system, redirecting calls and taking messages. Handled incoming and outgoing mail and shipments. See more

Administered medications and vaccinations according to veterinarian directions, performed dental cleanings, performed urinalyses, assisted with surgeries. See more